Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

One of the most important reasons to have your air ducts cleaned is to improve the quality of your indoor air. According to the EPA, the average home accumulates as much as 40 pounds of dust per year. Dust is full of more than dirt, containing everything that is in the air surrounding you. In fact, the air you breathe can cause allergies, asthma, and even make you ill. Your HVAC system is your home’s way of breathing; it takes air in and exhales it back out.

Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

Everyday you, your kids, and especially your pets, cause a significant amount of pollutants and contaminants that make their way into your air ducts. When impurities make their way into your system, they will be re-circulated anywhere from five to seven times a day. As this occurs, filth and grime builds up inside your air ducts and contaminates the air you breathe. To keep your indoor air quality as clean as possible, we recommend that you have your ducts professionally cleaned every two to three years. If you have any additional questions about our Air Duct Cleaning services please contact us today.

How are the Air Ducts cleaned?

We utilize the Rotobrush system, which is a negative air machine and rotary brush cabling system. All supply air ducts and return ducts are cleaned using stiff bristle brushes that spin against the debris stuck inside. Once inside, these brushes spin and push debris where its suctioned out through hoses attached to powerful vacuums. No holes are cut and we do not tamper with your furnace. Rotobrush units are equipped with non-marking wheels that can be maneuvered throughout a property.

When do i know its time to clean my Air Ducts?

  • You notice dust building up all over your house
  • Your allergies are getting worse
  • Waking up with runny nose or irritated eyes
  • You don’t know when the ducts were last cleaned in the home you just purchased
  • You just finished a remodeling project


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